From its very beginnings, baseball has been considered as one of the most popular game in the USA. And it has become a part of their tradition. A lot of parents enroll their children in baseball, and it is a fact that playing not only baseball. But any sport, can be a turning point in a young person’s life. This does not mean that every child that starts training baseball will become a professional player. However, there are plenty of important reasons why baseball should be a great choice for your child.

Team Playing

On the first place, playing baseball can teach your child about the importance of teamwork. Baseball, as a team sport, requires that players constantly cover each other to secure a victory.

Your child will learn how to focus on important tasks and how to co-operate with others to meet the common goal successfully. It will learn to make decisions both independently and together with his teammates. And definitely, your kid will become more responsible and sociable and will realize the importance of constant work on itself. Because without hard work and continuous training will not be visible results. This lesson can be translated in any aspect of your child’s life.

Exercise in Fresh Air

kidFresh air is the key element needed to maintain life. Your health particularly depends upon the amount of fresh air breathed. So, parents, if you have any doubts enrolling your kid to baseball, do not forget about how important for your child’s development is spending time outdoors. More oxygen into our body also brings clarity to the brain, which needs twenty percent of our body’s oxygen to function properly. Also, fresh air is good for child’s lungs, heart, digestion, and immune system. Also, it has been scientifically proven that physical activity in the fresh air increases the level of secretion of serotonin – the hormone of happiness.

Body Development

Doing sports is really important for a child to ensure proper body development. Baseball is a great choice. It’s far better and less dangerous than some other sports, like gymnastics, boxing or American football. It develops endurance, agility, explosiveness and strength of your child’s body.  Also, baseball develops the hand and feet and the reflex responses of the limbs and eyes. So to make your kid well prepared for life, to be strong and healthy, don’t hesitate to enroll him or even her to baseball.

Having fun

The last, but not the less important, is that your child could make a lot of great friends doing baseball, even for life. He or she will have so much fun while running, hitting and catching with their teammates and peers and will become more sociable, open-minded and communicative.


So parents, keep in mind that in a healthy body lives a healthy mind and raise your children as educated, mindful, kind and passionate, but also as strong and agile youth that will be able to face life problems successfully.