Alexander Joy Cartwright (April 17th, 1820 – July 12th, 1892), was an American engineer whom US Kongress. Officially declared as the inventor of baseball on June 3rd, 1953. Cartwright, who was a banking officer by profession, worked in the fire brigade New York Knickerbockers. Brigade members have spent their free time playing town ball – forerunner of baseball – in an empty field in Manhattan. When that play field was closed, on 1845, Cartwright came on the idea to organize games in Elysian Fields Park in Hoboken, New Jersey, on the other side of Hudson river.


To raise funds for the lease of land. Cartwright and his friends on September 23rd, 1845 founded a club called New York Knickerbockers. For that club, Cartwright wrote rules, which will be later known as Knickerbocker rules and will become the basis for the rules of the modern game. According to these rules, on June 19th, 1846 was held the first baseball game in history between New York Knickerbockers and New York Nine.

Baseball Rules

In National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP) is the first organization which regulated baseball in the USA. It was established in 1857 And members were sixteen clubs from the area of today New York. On the constituent assembly, they adopted the new rules, which were mainly based on Knickerbocker rules.


Although they made significant changes and these new rules were pretty much more similar to rules that are used in modern baseball. On 1858, a sportswriter Henry Chadwick wrote the first rule book, and though the rules continue to change with small variations, by 1900, the game was essentially that of today.

The Development of Professional Baseball in the United States

In the beginning, this was nothing but a local initiative and in USA people used to call baseball “the New York game.” In the rest of the USA, similar games were popular. Such as croquet and town ball in Philadelphia. However, the outbreak of the American civil war on 1861 and accession of a big number of New Yorkers. In the ranks of the Northern army made New York game popularized all over the nation.

That also affected on NABBP, which had 100 clubs in its membership after the war ended, on 1865. Only two years later in NABBP there were 400 clubs and some of them were from distant areas such as San Francisco and Louisiana.

The sudden popularity of this sport put on the agenda a question of its popularization. NABBP strongly opposed,  insisting on the consistent implementation of the principles of amateurism. However, on 1869 NABBP allowed professionalization of the clubs.

NAPBB convention

Major-League-Baseball-Live-Online-Streaming-Free-940x545Two years later tension between amateur and professional clubs led to the schism on NAPBB. Convention and professional clubs established National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, first professional baseball league in the USA. American Association (AA) used to be top professional baseball league. Which operated from 1882 to 1891. It was conceived as a counterweight and opponent to older and more dominant National League.

Together with National League, American Association organized an older version of the big baseball final known as World Series. Soon after that, Major League Baseball (MLB) was established as sports organization which gathers two professional leagues in North America – National League and American League.

In 2000 both leagues were officially dismissed as special corporate customers. And all rights and obligations were transferred to MLB commissioner. MLB is acting as a single league and is one of the leading professional sports leagues of North America, to this day. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the term that indicates the top professional baseball.