Three Most Successful MLB Teams


Selections like these are very difficult to make because it is very hard to find the best criteria on which to base your list. There are so many statistics in the modern world of baseball and so much can be said about the game through sheer numbers. The fans like and remember only the champions, so we decided to base our list on the most intuitive criteria: the number of World Series’ won

New York Yankees


A brand of New York, the Yankees are not only one of the iconic baseball teams but also one of the most famous and most expensive sports franchises in the world. They have participated in an unprecedented 40 World Series Finals, winning 27 of them, an absolute record. Yankees have always managed to attract talent from all over the US, using large payroll budgets to bring in the best of the best. 44 former players and 11 managers are now members of the Hall of Fame, including the well-known names like Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and many others. Forbes magazine often cites how the Yankees are one of the most expensive teams in the world and the highest values sports franchises also. Current estimated value is close to 3.5 billion dollars.
The Yankees have enjoyed a huge and devoted fan base, ever since they moved to the Big Apple from Baltimore in 1903. Back then, they were known as Highlanders, but they adopted the name Yankees in 1913. The only other sports franchise in the North America which can try to compete with the Yankees regarding championships won are the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL. They managed to compile 24 Stanley Cup wins, falling three short when compared to the Yankees. The last World Series for the Yankees was the 2009 season when they beat the Philadelphia Phillies under the leadership of Joe Girardi.

Saint Louis Cardinals


The Cardinals, the pride, and joy of Saint Loius, managed to win 11 World Series championships. They also played in 8 more finals, making them the team with the third highest number of World Series appearances, behind the Yankees and the Giants. Many famous players used to wear the jersey of the Cardinals, such as Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Joe Medwick, Dizzy Dean, Whitey Herzog and much more. Many of them are now Hall of Fame inductees. Furthermore, Cardinals players were league MVP’s 20 times and broke many baseball records which still stand today.
According to Forbes magazine, the value of the Cardinals is around 1.6 billion dollars. This makes them the 7th most valuable team in the MLB. The Cardinals have been doing very well since their purchase in 1995 when they were bought for 147 million dollars. They have a very faithful fan base and one of the highest attendances in the world of baseball. Despite the fact that they are located in a mid-level market, they manage to attract a large audience. They average in the top 5 teams in the league when it comes to the audience since 1996.

San Francisco Giants


Finally, the Giants hold the number three spot, garnering 8 World Series titles and further 12 appearances in the finals. Formerly known as Gotham, they moved from New York in 1958, previously having spent 75 years on the East Coast. The Giants are one of the most famous franchises in baseball, and we included them in this list even if they fall short to Oakland Athletics by one title. This is because they have 12 appearances in finals, compared to only five from the Athletics. Famous players who played for the Giants are Willie Mays, Christy Mathewson, Mel Ott, Bobby Thomson and much more.